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Discuz! 7.2 在視頻播放方面有了很大改進,不但支持播放 wmv rm rmvb flv swf avi asf mpgmpeg mov 等多種格式,還可以自動分析優酷、土豆、ku6三大主流視頻網站的視頻網址,而不需要再去找專門的轉發引用地址,使得轉發視頻變得更容易更強大,下面為大家舉例演示這三大主流視頻網站的視頻轉發功能。
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下面我們從優酷、土豆、ku6 三大主流視頻網站分別找一個視頻地址:
ku6 :http://v.ku6.com/show/VrLuttrXQb1CIbkC.html



從上面的演示可以看出來,Discuz! 7.2 發佈優酷、土豆、ku6 三大主流視頻網站的視頻變得非常容易,無需再費力找論壇引用地址,直接輸入視頻的網址系統就會自動解析獲取最終的播放地址,還等什麼,快快來親身體驗一把吧!

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Christopher Dorner, 33, was kicked off the force in 2009. A rambling  manifesto attributed to him blasted the department for protecting racists and promised revenge against those he believed were to blame for his dismissal.Dozens of protesters rallied outside LAPD headquarters Saturday in support of Dorner, most saying they didn't support his deadly methods but did believe Dorner's claims of racism and unfair treatment.Protester Andrea Tovar, 18, told the Los Angeles Times that police need to know "they can't get away with everything.""Murder is never right, but neither is the law when it's unjust," Tovar said.Dorner also has some support in social media. The "We Stand With Christopher Dorner"  page had drawn more than 27,000 "likes," and the "I Support Christopher Jordan Dorner" page has more than 16,000.

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The Steelers quarterback's No. 7 tops the season's sales list compiled by Reebok, the NFL's licensee for such merchandise. No rookie has ever before led, Reebok vice president Eddie White says, adding that Roethlisberger's jersey, in a late move up from third place, accounted for 19% of sales among the top 10 shirts..
We were trying to execute the things we worked on in practice. (Mallory) usually does most of the talking in the huddle. When we come to the huddle, everybody was looking at me. This book is about a teenage girl named Ronnie who was forced by her mother to go spend the summer with her father. For the first couple days when she arrived at her Dad place, she refused to talk to her Dad and yelled at him http://www.nikefreeskodk-tilbud.com/ every time he played http://www.toggleclamptr.com/ the piano. Ever since Ronnie Dad left their family, Ronnie swore that she would never play the piano again.
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The NFL said it examined 18,000 http://www.billigenikefreedktilbud.com/ documents totaling some 50,000 pages. One of those was an email from a former team consultant, Mike Ornstein, to Payton, allegedly pledging $5,000 toward a bounty on an opposing quarterback. A source said Ornsteinat one time a close confidant of Payton's who in October 2010 would plead guilty to federal fraud and moneylaundering charges in connection with the scalping of Super Bowl tickets and the sale of bogus gameworn NFL jerseysclaimed he was kidding about the pledge, but the league took it seriously..

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Apply the beeswax to your leather shoes. Make sure that the shoes are already dry when you begin doing this process. http://www.nike-airmaxgr.com/ Then, get a small amount of wax and use this amount to polish the shoes. From Rockefeller Center's massive tree to the dressedup windows along Fifth Avenue, there's nothing quite like Christmas in New York. The hotel prices are pretty aweinspiring too, christian louboutin shoes knockoffs and by that, we mean they're skyscraper high. Skip the holidays, and visit in late January and February: You'll have to endure temperatures in the 20s and 30s, but you're sure to save on a hotel..
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